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ABBA Voyage

On the 27th of May 2022, ABBA Voyage premiered in London, almost 50 years after ABBA won the European Song Contest in Brighton, England with their hit song “Waterloo” in 1974. Since then, ABBA have released an endless string of hit songs until they stopped in 1982, or took a “break”, as they put it themselves.

So, it's been a while since ABBA last made music together. But now they have decided that it is time to end the “break” and go back on "stage" again together.

Truth be told, the main inspiration for ABBA to record new music again comes from their heavy involvement in creating the strangest and most spectacular concert you could ever dream of; "ABBA Voyage". You will hear lots of their huge hits, as well as some of their new songs during the ABBA Voyage concert.

You just sit back in your chair as an audience or dance on the dance floor in front of the stage, and watch ABBA's digital Avatars perform their songs in their own built arena in London.

ABBA simply call the concert "Voyage" and it is truly a brand-new technique that has never been seen live before. With the help of their younger selves, as Avatars, ABBA travels into the future.

It's not easy to explain the ABBA Voyage or the technology used to create the concert, but then again it hasn't been done before either – You simply must see and hear in yourself.

ABBA Voyage is peculiar and wonderful, a concert that should be experienced by everyone, of all ages! We offer tickets to the concert, both seated tickets and standing tickets on the dance floor, and if you like to arrive in style and skip the line to the ABBA Arena, we also offer concert tickets with transport to and from London City.

The Winner Takes It ALL!

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ABBA Voyage

Hi ABBA Lover!
ABBA Voyage is the must-see event in London, so be sure to book your tickets early.
Here you can book ABBA Voyage tickets, both dance floor and seated tickets.

Alternatively, you can already start the party in London by booking your ABBA concert tickets with luxury bus transport from central London. This way we get you to the ABBA Arena in style, and back to London again. PLUS you will have skip-the-line privilege to ABBA Arena, and have more time before the concert to get in the right mode for dancing and singing all night long.

The choice is yours, just choose the tickets you prefer for the amazing ABBA Voyage in London. The winner takes it all!

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